Mobile Termination Rate Europe report


Every year Total Telecom produces the Global 100 Operators report, ranking the worlds top operators by revenue and profit. This information is now available for 2009-2011 as a manipulatable Excel spreadsheet. The Global 100 Operators report is the definitive ranking of the world top telecom operators and service providers by revenue and profit, and for many companies it is their target list of clients.

Due to popular demand, rankings from 2009 to 2011 inclusive are available as a data set in Excel format that you can manipulate to create your own rankings, comparisons and target lists.

Publishing date: December 2011


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For each year you will have the following data:

 - Company Name
- Rank in that Year
- Revenue in Euro's
- Revenue in Reporting Currency
- Net Income Loss In Euro's
- Net Income Loss In Reporting Currency
- Return on Revenue
- Country of Reporting
- Financial Year
- Current Chief Executive
- Number of Employees

In addition you will be supplied with the PDF Global 100 Operators Report for each year offering unrivalled insight into the data.